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What do you get when you take the music of one of the most exciting new composers of neo-classical music and combine it with 14 of the best classical / contemporary musicians South Africa has to offer…

Blautöne Orchestra...

Blautöne Orchestra is dedicated to the performance of Jacques Rautenbach's music on stage and in studio. This new generation classical music features some of the best South African musicians as well as acclaimed international soloists and promises to be a life changing musical experience not to be missed…

Jacques Rautenbach’s music has been infiltrating the Classical Music market since the release of his debut album “Shades of Blue” in 2016, and has since then been featuring on Classic FM, Fine Music Radio, RSG, as well as various other radio stations in SA and internationally from Romania, Australia, Uzbekistan to Netherlands. Seven of Jacques’s music videos are also airing on South African television and “Dark Soul” was recently picked up by an international music video channel. Jacques is currently Nr1 worldwide on the Reverbnation classical music chart and Nr1 in SA on NumberOne Music .com

We are coming to music stages all over the world, whether you have a small theatre or a huge stadium to entertain, our show offers a wide variety of genres, from dance, rock&roll, baroque, acoustic, movie themes, ballads & instrumental, so your whole family will be entertained.

Blautöne Orchestra has some incredible contemporary musicians, from the featuring award-winning violinist Lizelle Le Roux, Multiple platinum producer/guitarist Johan Rautenbach, the legendary Andrew Roman on bass and drumming extraordinaire Vinnie Henrico.

The other classical players include Themba Mashobane (from the acclaimed Soweto String Quartet) on Cello
Pieter Smal who is an accomplished composer himself and an incredible pianist. Hana Wahl-Yim a very well known violin player with extensive orchestra and solo playing experience who joins us on 1st Violins. Other Johannesburg Philharmonic star players include Judith Klins on viola, Shannon Armer on French Horn. Gauteng Symphony Orchestra is also well represented with the french studied Olivier Barrier on Oboe / Duduk & English Horn, Renee Hartzenberg on Flute and Freiderike Scholtz on 2nd Violin as well as the marvelous Louise Kriek on vocals, but don’t get the wrong idea, this is not a classical music recital…

Blautöne is a stage, lighting, & multimedia extravaganza that will tickle all your senses…

In a show of musical excellence, drama & comedy it guarantees to take you on a musical journey and let you experience music and concerts you will not forget…



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