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Jacques recently released "Dreamers Lullaby" After the successful release of “Shades of my Soul” (the Unplugged (Quartet) versions of some of the Shades of Blue pieces) " I realised that the listeners appreciate ‘raw authentic’ beauty and that’s why I decided to release this album." It includes quartet versions of some of the "Death Becomes Me" compositions aswel as five new baroque inspired pieces

“I think as a composer it’s been a challenge to write so many different genres, but that’s also what’s kept me sane, limiting myself to one thing is very tiring The new music has a slightly more orchestral feel and also has a few neo-barroque compositions to excite even the purists."

The album also features the legendary performer Coenie de Villiers

in a tribute named "Song for De Coenie de Villers" Some of the other performers include: Evert van Niekerk, Lizelle Le Roux, Susan Mouton, Jacques Rautenbach, Johan Ferreira to name a few.

This quartet is available for your corporate functions or any other show. For more information or bookings send email to

To listen or purchase this album

"Thanks for the tracks! I have to say, you've outdone yourself on this album! Almost every track has the potential to be play-listed, I'm really spoiled for choice."
Ighsaan Mahomed
Music Compiler Fine Music Radio (South Africa)









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