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Welcome to Jacques
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It’s been almost eight years since the release of Jacques Rautenbach’s debut album Shades of Blue. The album delivered three radio singles listed in various countries including, Netherlands, Romania, Uzbekistan, South Africa and Australia. Eight Albums later and Jacques has established himself as one of the most exciting Neo-Classical Artists in South Africa with a blend of Modern Classical, Instrumental and Film music. After his release Death Becomes Me Jacques proved that he was here to stay. The album delivered singles like "The Dream Giver" & "Amsterdam Turmoil" on a variety of radio stations from Classic FM to Overvaal Stereo and the music videos collectively received more than 120 000 views on Social Media Platforms. Jacques Rautenbach has featured on Fine Music Radio as composer of the week numerous times and his music currently has listeners in more than 52 countries on Spotify. WIth more than 10 music videos currently on South African Television Jacques's music can be seen and heard all across the globe!



Take Me home

Take Me Home is Jacques's eighth studio album. The album was written during the pandemic lockdown when time was in abundace... This can be heard when you listen to the detail in this piano driven album. The catchy rich melodies will haunt your mind for many hours. This modern piano music is accompanied by subtle orchestration featuring strings, pads and even a live harpist. GT Oliver can be heard on the title track "Take Me Home" The album has been play-listed on radio and can be heard on FMR (Fine Music Radio), RSG (Radio Sonder Grense), Radio Domeldo, Happening Radio to name a few. The first music video can be seen on South African television on KyknetNOU.


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Jacques Rautenbach features on the Global Reverbnation Classical Music Chart where he's been in the Top 30 the last few years and even reached Nr 1 (for almost 16 weeks in 2019) . For more information please visit CLICK HERE or click on the Reverbnation logo to visit his profile...


DEEPER INSIGHT (Critic Review)



"I did not want to comment until I had finally listened to each track. I am one of those critics that are selective and highly irritating, you may say. However, Jacques Rautenbach and Blautöne Chamber Orchestra produces truly remarkable Albums that speak volumes of sophisticated elegance and class. It takes one back to an era where fine music was carefully composed and arranged for acoustic instruments. Something very rare in a world where we are daily exposed to walking the tightrope of artificiality and sampled sounds.

The compositions are moving, haunting at times. Touching. Stirring. Satisfying. Never dull or boring! Something hardly found or heard in this business nowadays. How deeply I was touched. So beautifully performed with finesse, passion and of superb quality.

I regard Jacques Rautenbach as one of the greatest composers of our time. It will indeed be a sad day if this Maestro is not introduced to South Africans properly. Indeed a tragedy if not exposed abroad and heard on the stage of Theaters such as Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall. Because this is where he belongs! Congratulations on a masterpiece! You are truly an inspiration and I am indeed proud to say, I Know Jacques Rautenbach! "

Andre van Eeden
Music Critic / Artist / Performer


Classics with Jacques






Jacques, I listened to your tracks. They are beautiful! What do you want to do with them?
Ken Callait
Producer / Engineer / Co-owner Alcon Sleeping Giant Records (Fleetwood Mac / Colbie Callait) (USA)

Jacques, you have to stop amazing me with awesomeness. Whatever you are eating, give me some because your creative juices are flowing like the Nile river! Brilliant!! Brilliant!!! Brilliant!!! I cannot see the music, but i feel that I am in love with this piece..
“Dark Soul” You're a genius! You have to hear this music which is even more brilliant! It was truly "love at first note" for me. I really want a nomination or win for best original soundtrack!

Charles CMack
Director / Celeb Chef / Producer (USA)

You are genius! This music you are doing, is out the ballpark honey!
Cindy Alter
Singer, Writer / Performer (Clout Front-Person) (South Africa)

My soul is happily absorbing this beautiful work Jacques!
Marian Shanley
Musician / Composer / Radio Show Presenter (Dublin FM) (Ireland)

I'm listening to "The Reckoning" right now! It's beautiful and powerful, and yes I'd love to record with you and all the other amazing musicians that you have lined up for the project!
Tina Guo
Musician / Composer / Movie Score Performer (Hans Zimmer / Micheal Jackson / Cirque Du Soleil) (USA)

Thanks for the tracks! I have to say, you've outdone yourself on this album! Almost every track has the potential to be play-listed, I'm really spoilt for choice.
Ighsaan Mahomed
Music Compiler Fine Music Radio (South Africa)

Well you have no idea how talented you are. This music is mind-blowing. I love every single cut, each arrangement is different. Would be lovely to meet you in person one day. Well done!
Carlos Hartwell
Pianist / Composer (South Africa)

This is very well written!
Susan Mouton
Cellist / Musician / Artist (Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra) (South Africa)

Exquisite works of art by Jacques and his colleagues. Flowing, majestic compositions fully and beautifully crafted exploring passionate, emotional phrases. Jacques you have achieved what we all aspire to reach as composers, the ability to touch the heart and soul of the listener, to have them become "appreciators" of the music we both love so dearly. Well done my friend, I am your number one fan!
Rick Cantrell
Composer/ Musician (USA)

Geluk met Amsterdam - ek dink dis incredible! Regtig next level stuff, en ek sê nie sommer net so nie. Dit kan enige plek op die aarde inhang… Well done! Jy’s ’n formidabele komponis en musikant!
Coenie de Villiers
Artist / Composer / Presenter (South Africa)

I really like your music and its a beautiful animation, much luck and success for your musical career.
Urs Brodmann
Composer (Germany)

Dankeschön, eine schöne Ruhige Musik und ein interessantes Video, wie Wetterleuchten zieht es darüber hin!
Dagmar Scholz
Classical Music Critic (Austria)

Sielsmusiek Liewe Jacques. Goed om dit van jou te beleef! Sal graag iewers jou storie wil hoor. Bevoorreg om na al die jare (Voortrekkerhoogte dae toe ek toe nog in die weermag was en jy ’n jong laaitie in die gemeente) die beauty nie net te hoor nie maar ook te sien.
Johan Heystek
Pastor / Composer / Singer / Songwriter / Producer (South Africa)

I just listened to your pieces and I loved it. Bravo!
Gerald W Braden
Composer / Musician (USA)

You created such beauty, pure intense moments.. Captured at the perfect moment... think they call it "quintessence"
Shantel Thompson
Music Critic (Europe)

You really killed that hands down...
Foster K Lester
Producer / Muscian (USA)

Beautiful, even more so with good headphones... Salute!
Blackie Swart
Singer / Musician / Songwriter (South Africa)

I love that song you wrote... "Going home" is so amazing Jacques! Greatest song I've ever heard in my life.
Jimmy Vangalis
Musician (USA)

Die musikaliteit is absoluut fenominaal, en dis so goed gekomponeer. Ek is mal oor die verskillende elemente wat saam gemeng word om 'n diep passie uit te beeld. Dis so kragtig, ek dink dit is fantasties!
Tristán Kapp 
PHD Religion Studies / Violinist / Socialite / Composer (South Africa)

It's 3.42 am... Quite by chance, I came across your name and music. I just listened to "The Changes Within" on YouTube. It's such a beautiful, calm, peaceful night with a star-filled sky and somehow your music just seemed to resonate with the beauty of tonight. It has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've heard in a long time. It will be one of my favourites forever. You touched my soul. Thank you so much.
Youtube Fan (USA)

That was lovely, both the performance and the video. My fiancé died 10 days ago and this brought me peace for the first time. When I die, I plan to have our ashes sprinkled together in a forest.
Karen Kelly
Facebook Fan (USA)

Beautiful. My heart is lighter now. Thank you
Warren T Smith
Facebook Fan (South Africa)

Amazing beautiful, thank you!
Brenda Langley Beecham 
Facebook Fan (USA)

  For more information, bookings, media and collaborations contact or visit Jacques on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Text messages can be sent to +27 (0)82 517 7885  

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